Book Review: 同時通訳者の英語ノート術&学習法

Book Review: 同時通訳者の英語ノート術&学習法

Best Book Ever

I recently finished reading this book, 「同時通訳者の英語ノート術&学習法」by 工藤 紘実 and I have to say that it was probably the best introduction to interpretation that I have ever read. While it is titled as a simple note-taking and study book, it is so much more than that. It explains a lot of the foundational skills of interpreting that I had to learn the hard way.

Upside: This book covers a lot of the basics of interpreting like- when and how to take notes, how to study as an interpreter, how to manage vocabulary, how to get jobs and maintain clients as a feelancer, and how to manage your own time and stress.

Downside: I do wish it had had a little more on how to gain background knowledge and how to study for a particular job, but that may be too far out of the scope of this book.

Conclusion: Go buy it now! (You can even on kindle!)


2 thoughts on “Book Review: 同時通訳者の英語ノート術&学習法

    1. I wish. It is pretty new though so it may yet get translated. I haven’t found half as many books on interpreting written in English as there are written in Japanese. Is that true of Chinese as well?

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