Hiring Agencies in Ohio

Hiring Agencies in Ohio

If you are looking for a Japanese translation position in the central Ohio area, please try contacting the following agencies:

Next Step Resources

Compass Tech International

Xecutive Consulting

or possibly Omni One Staffing

In the rest of the US, try:

Top US

or try going to the New York or Boston Career Forum, a job fair for Japanese bilinguals.


When looking for a job, remember that you don’t necessarily have to have translation experience. You do need to have work experience. Show that you have language skills and can hold down a job.

For those of you who have not taken the JLPT, you may want to try ACTFL (a spoken proficiency test administered over the phone) or J-CAT (an internet administered test similar to JLPT but adaptive so it gets harder as you answer more questions correctly) to prove your language ability


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